organized the course in cooperation with the International Federation of Journalists and UNESCO


20 male and female journalists from various media outlets attended the course, and they received knowledge and skills related to occupational safety, first aid, and the basics of digital security.

Participation certificates were distributed to the trainees in the presence of the YJS leadership in Taiz, including Imad Al-Saqqaf, Secretary of the Syndicate’s Taiz Branch, Zakaria Al-Kamali, the Rights and Freedoms Officer, and Saeed Al-Sufi, the Activities Officer.

The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation for the YJS for holding and organizing these courses despite the lack of resources, especially in light of the difficult circumstances that the country is going through.
The participants emphasized that they benefited from this course and acquired the knowledge and skills that will help them when covering events during wars and conflicts.

The trainees also said that such a course needs to be delivered to more journalists in Yemen to help them hone their journalistic skills. They also appreciate the role of the International Federation of Journalists and UNESCO in supporting the implementation of this training program.

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