Professional safety course for Yemeni journalists concludes in Marib



A professional safety course for journalists, organized by the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in cooperation with the International Federation of Journalists and UNESCO Gulf States & Yemen, concluded on Sunday (June 30, 2024) in Marib City.

Twenty-five male and female journalists from various media outlets and students from the Mass Communication Department at the University of Sheba participated in the two-day course.
The participants learned about planning a media mission, managing risks, and maintaining their safety during media coverage or presence in areas of conflict and war.

The course program included practical exercises in emergency first aid in the event of fractures, various types of bleeding, fire, car accidents, etc. Participants were also provided with skills that enable them to properly deal with such situations in the field in the correct ways, in addition to providing them with information about digital safety.

The trainees thanked the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, the International Federation of Journalists, and UNESCO for these important courses that Yemeni journalists need, hoping that such programs will continue to protect journalists and media outlets.

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